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Any way you slice it, New Jersey sportsbooks are gearing up for what may be a larger season of football betting compared to one past and the sportsbook of Golden Nugget Atlantic City is no exception.
That means the start of the regular season is currently closer to becoming underway, with the NFL pre-season completing its full listing of matches over the past weekend. And college football kicks off.
Of those 10 sportsbooks from the Garden State, each has a space ready to go. And each has conveniences, style, design, and a different atmosphere.
Yes, these sportsbooks are prepping for your school, and eight of the 10 sportsbooks are based in Atlantic City alone and NFL gambling action exactly. I’ll be reviewing each of those books designs, features, and amenities. Today’s focus is the sportsbook in Golden Nugget.
Address: 600 Huron Avenue (Huron Avenue & Brigantine Boulevard), Atlantic City 08401
Golden Nugget was a mainstay of the Atlantic City casino lineup since they opened their doors in 1985. Its sports betting place, aptly called”The Sportsbook,” opened before the NFL season began last September. The space is small (fire marshal recorded potential of 173) but mighty, with an”Uber Fan Cave” sense about its own layout and design.
The Sportsbook is not difficult to find, situated just on the right of the entry escalators. It has a major entry. The book is included on either side with one side partly divided by columns between the Michael Patrick Brasserie pub and the publication.
You can find 50 TV screens that protect just about every square foot of wall space. An individual can almost be overwhelmed (in a fantastic way) by the TV viewing options. On the weekend day of my visit, there were 10 different game options, directed largely by MLB but contained tennis, golf, soccer, and even horse racing coverage on TVG.
The chairs choices also provide this”Fan Cave” feel like 12 only theatre-style leather seats (with power outlets!) To bar tables with couches and chairs that could each chair five to six NFL fans.
In terms of getting to the Golden Nugget, it’s among those 3 casinos not found in the Atlantic City Boardwalk”Strip.”
You’ll need a car or rideshare support to get there, since it is not in walking distance to any other casino. For the fantastic thing is that Golden Nugget has a self-park garage and there’s absolutely not any parking charge.
Free parking is a feature that is nice and you’ll be able to save yourself $10-$20 that when you hit The Sportsbook, you may have spent to invest in your five-team parlay.
The”Fan Cave” theme dominates the design and as mentioned, there’s a hyper amount of TV screens for seeing all contained in one little room. If you don’t have a chair because there is limited standing room area the space can be a challenge, however.
You will feel just like you’re blocking the sightline of those TVs of someone In case you have to stand.
The teller area can be found at a corner, and it reminds me. There’s sufficient space for three but its close quarters behind the counter. For all those waiting to put wagers, there is not room afforded to split the traces, so it is going to find a little hectic in the area to bet with all the tellers.
Recognizing the number of space limits and tellers, the Golden Nugget sportsbook includes eight terminals inside as well as two located directly outside the entry of the book.
You will find just four live teller terminals. As previously stated, it’s a space, and the space can get crowded.
RATING: 3.5 stars
Golden Nugget has eight terminals inside the publication, which does help to relieve the bull dash lines into the tellers. Furthermore, they have two terminals just to coincidentally the sportsbook and handily located next to a ATM.
RATING: 5 stars
The minimum bet at the dwell tellers is $5, but for anyone people wanting to make a denomination bet that is lower, the backpacks have a minimum. The self-betting machines require money with no have to be a Golden Nugget on line account holder or Golden Nugget VIP cardholder.
RATING: 4 stars
There are 50+ TV collections in The Sportsbook, with displays seemingly covering the majority of the open wall space.
In a small space, you’re never far from seeing the action. While there are a number of bigger format screens, the size of this Golden Nugget book hinders the capability to flaunt a”giant” display or large format movie wall that other publications have on screen.
RATING: 4 stars
Having a”fire marshal” absolute capacity of 173, we calculated roughly 100 chairs. There are big chairs with in-seat electricity, small seats, sofas, and top tables with seats.
Since I have observed 100-seat capacities in additional bigger sportsbook spaces, you will most probably be sitting elbow to elbow with other fellow players as you watch the end of late afternoon NFL games then roll into viewing the Steelers and Patriots play with the very first Sunday Night game of the season at 8 pm on Sept. 8.
RATING: 3.5 stars
Seating at the Golden Nugget is”first-come, first-serve,” currently, without any accessible pre-reserved seating options.
There are beverages available during the busy peak times via table waiter/waitress service.
Food can be arranged (and it will be sent ) in Michael Patrick’s Brasserie situated next door to the Golden Nugget sportsbook. The Brasserie features Breakfast All Day (feel free to try the scrapple or the”Trenton” sandwich) and deli sandwiches and burgers. Other grab options at the Golden Nugget comprise Bill’s Burger Bar along with the Bean and Bread.
All of the food purchased can be brought back in the sportsbook.
RATING: 3.5 stars
The Sportsbook includes a sensible amount of staffing. While the amount of live tellers are restricted, there’s other supervisory staff to aid with”how to wager” questions or advice in utilizing the self-service gaming machines.
One element that’s missing would be the racks of daily and future sheets for the day’s upcoming actions. This is because of space constraints, but looking for current odds requires the help of a teller or hunting through the self explanatory kiosk.
RATING: 3.0 stars
Self-parking in the Golden Nugget is currently free, as mentioned earlier. And it is a walk from the parking garage into the casino and sportsbook.
RATING: 5.0 stars
Golden Nugget has all of the standard casino gambling action and restaurants/clubs located on site.
The negative is that there are no other casinos or even entertainment/restaurant venues in walking distance. When there are some nice views there are no Atlantic Ocean views or Boardwalk sights in direct perspective.
RATING: 3.0 stars
As a part of every sportsbook visit, I am placing a soccer bet for the forthcoming 2019 season.
The NFL futures wagers marketplace remains insecure right now. I’m taking a shot that the Philadelphia Eagles has so many offensive weapons in Carson Wentz’s disposal this season, that there can be?
I decided to jump in any manner, although I am not thrilled with all the 10-1 odds:
The Sportsbook at Golden Nugget packs a punch above its size. It is like visiting the sport den.
There are TV screens galore and some chairs options that are rather cool. Since the distance is small, you’ll have to arrive early in a college football or an NFL Sunday to secure a seat in addition to out-maneuvering your fellow sports bettor to get in line at the teller booth.
Butoverall, the Golden Nugget does.
Golden Nugget sportsbook might not be the most flashy place in Atlantic City, but it’s undoubtedly a wonderful option to look out for betting/watching NFL and college football this late summer and fall.
Exterior photo courtesy Golden Nugget Atlantic City
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