Guys & Bets (Episode 163): Jaguars vs Broncos, Texas Tech vs Oklahoma, Best Bets for MLB!

Posted on: November 1st, 2019 by admin

The boys are back at it with a focus on beating the line??to get a few totals from the NFL and college soccer while trying to find a 2nd straight profitable day by using their MLB selections.
It is one of the least hot games as Joe states, although you’ll discover all season, you find the best bets at the ugliest games, and he has his eye on a spot in the Jaguars vs Broncos game in Denver.
More eyes will be on the Texas Tech-Oklahoma showdown and Kris backs up one of their selections of the week with a few interesting stats that might encourage you to tail the pick.
With the Brewers in the city, Joe goes back to Cincinnati for Major League Baseball. He believes one of those nightclubs has a major pitching edge with some wonderful value also.
For some afternoon action, Kris heads to Arizona for his favorite underdog selection of the afternoon together using the Cardinals trying to bounce back after last night’s 19-inning game.
Back in Seattle, itself is presented by among the most profitable spots of this entire year, and Joe will be seeking to cash in one last time with the Astros being hosted by the Mariners.
Things close out with two teams playing to try to take the Blue Jays down.
Per usual, the series concludes??with all the viewers that are live, so if there then you should be joining us live each weekday at noon ET on our YouTube channel!

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