Sam Warburton cites fears over player safety in rugby

Posted on: November 26th, 2019 by admin

Irish and British Lions and former Wales captain Sam Warburton has called for increased player protection, citing his fear a professional player can die on the pitch.
The 30-year-old retired last July with fought injuries which required surgery to his knee and neck and after winning 79 Test caps.
The autobiography Open Negative of the Cardiff Blue flanker is being serialised in The Times and he has written of the concern about security.
He cited examples such as Nicolas Chauvin, an 18-year-old academy participant at Stade Fran??ais who died after his throat was broken at a tackle.
“Rugby’s just a game. It is not worth dying for,” he also said.
“If something is not done soonthen a expert player may die during a match, in the front of the TV cameras, and only then will people demand that steps have to be taken.
“It is going to be reaction as opposed to anticipation.”
He added that although awareness of concussion is climbing, the match had changed and become a lot more physical.
“You can not have two blokes, 14 stone to 20 stone running full tilt, also ensure it is secure,” he said, as quoted in the paper.

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